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The Barnabas Chronicles

Baird:  Encouraged to Trust

Book 1

When Berneen Dakin agrees to marry Baird Cassidy to save his life, she becomes involved a fight to save not only his life but her own and that of her beloved younger brother, Darby.  Clues to their adventure lay in their past.  Who is after them and why?  Berneen and Baird must learn to trust one another, trust his fellow team mates from The Barnabas Foundation, but more importantly, learn to trust God in ways they never have had to.  Finding the ones after them is difficult, but bringing the men and women to justice for crimes in the past is even more difficult, and tests their growing love for one another.  Will they survive?

Winding Road

The Barnabas Chronicles
Christian Suspense and Romance

Benen: Encouraged to Protect

Book 2

When asked to fly to a Latin American country, Benen Carroll doesn't hesitate.  When asked to marry his longtime friend, Cadee Daniell, to help her escape the country, Benen doesn't hesitate.  What the young couple doesn't know is that there are forces gathering around them to defeat them, destroy them and damage their reputations.  Poisoned on the way out of the country Cadee almost meets death but survives.  Surprises and struggles clash with their determination to resolve the mystery while clinging tight to God's promises to protect them.

Blair cover.jpg

Blair:  Encouraged to Believe


Reuniting with his lost love, Blair Campion is devastated to learn that Devaney Daubney had spent years moving across the country, on his trail, trying to find the man or woman responsible for separating them.  When Devaney is shot and almost killed, Blair’s love for his lady grows even deeper, knowing he will do whatever he can to keep her safe and find the culprits.  Devaney is sure there is more than one.  A deceptive detective adds confusion to their mystery.  Devaney has lost her belief in God, only to find it come back stronger than before, Blair’s support the catalyst to this.  Will they survive?  Will the culprits win?

Name, Title

Bradon:  Encouraged to Overcome


When Bradon Cahill comes to her rescue in an abduction attempt, Ennis Dacre is convinced he is the one sent to free her from her stalker. Little do they know the attempts that will be made on their lives, with both critically injured at one point. They face danger together and apart, their lives melding to one as they fall in love, Ennis' fear of dogs overcome by the persistence of Bradon's dog, Kade. Abductions and assaults draw Bradon's friends from The Barnabas Foundation into the fray as they race to uncover the culprit and the ones behind him, and at the same time, help Ennis overcome the fear she has lived with for years. Their faith in God is tested and strengthened as they fight through to the finish.

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Brady:  Encouraged to Heal


Stumbling on a body was not how Brady Coghlan had planned his vacation.  Meeting the beautiful, Dr. Fynn Daley, forensics entomologist, who was called in on the investigation drew him into her world and the danger that was stalking her.  Running from her hometown and giving up the work she loves, Fynn moves back to Brady’s town.  Abducted and assaulted, left to die in the forest, Fynn struggles to determine who is actually after her.  Brady is adamant he will protect the lady he has come to love and draws in his friends from the Barnabas Foundation, with an unexpected visit from friends of Fynn.  Into the mix is Fynn’s recollection of her brother, Farr, who disappeared when she was two and he was six.  Reuniting with Farr and trying to find who is after her leaves Fynn desperate to heal from old and new wounds, as she learns to trust in God in a whole new way.

Branigan:  Encouraged to Hope


When Branigan Clery is contracted to set up a security system for a local trucking company, he does not expect to save the owner’s daughter, Guenivere Danby, from an abduction and then an attempt on her life.  Drawn in to the mystery surrounding the beauty, both Guenivere and Branigan face assaults, kidnappings and threats.  To find hope in herself and in her Lord, Guenivere must reach into her past as a preteen, face the assault from then and the threats that have shaped her life.  Branigan’s friends from the Barnabas Foundation and the ladies who are part of the family there are once more drawn in to investigate and help to keep them safe and solve the unknown stalker.

Branigan PB cover.jpg
Brandon PB cover.jpg

Brandon:  Encouraged to Dream


Asked to approach the beautiful Hagen Daltree with concerns about her 16-year-old twin sisters, Brandon Conaghan is not expecting to find a thriving educational toy and puzzle business.  After Hagen and he are trapped in a collapsed building, Brandon is determined to protect the woman who intrigues him and who he has fallen in love with at first sight.  Death threats, abductions, assaults - who is behind them and is it someone closer to them than they think?  Brandon's friends from the Barnabas Foundation pitch in to solve the mystery but not before both Hagen and Brandon are left with what could be life-altering injuries.  Their faith in God is tested, and Hagen wonders just how much she has to give up, including the dreams she and her father had worked on and that she kept up in his memory.

Brendon:  Encouraged to Praise


When Brendon pulls Imly Dickerson out from where she had hidden herself in his workshop, little does he expect the danger that he would place himself in.  Not a believer in love at first sight, he falls hard and fast for the beautiful red-haired lady, determined to protect her at all costs, even to the point of marrying her, from the man who had abducted her and threatened her very life.

Neither Brendon or Imly expected the danger that they would find themselves in.  When Imly’s parents are murdered and her beloved Brendon disappears and is presumed dead, Imly must deal with a critical injury of her own.  Her faith and trust in God is tested severely.

With the help of Brendon’s friends and the ladies of The Barnabas Foundation, Imly struggles to make sense of her life as she knew it and to find her husband, while bringing to justice a group that had entangled her in their deviousness, spanning two continents.

Imly and Brendon both find new meaning in praising God in all circumstances, even the most difficult ones, becoming a testimony to those around them of how God worked in their lives, even at their lowest point.

Brendon hc cover.jpg
Marble Surface

Brennen:  Encouraged to Intercede


When Brennen Connolly is asked to fly to a town to meet with a J.J. Dering, he little expects a life-changing adventure is about to begin.  The beautiful and petite Jaxcy Dering steps in to marry him to prevent his being imprisoned under a draconian town law.  Even when the young couple return to his home, danger follows them every step of the way.

Jaxcy is shocked to discover that she is an heiress to a trust fund and property.  Only, someone doesn’t want her to collect either.  When Brennen disappears, Jaxcy and his friends at the Barnabas Foundation struggle to decipher the clues and follow the trail to where he is.  Added to the mystery is the death of her parents that sent her into poverty at age seventeen.

Who is behind it all?  Will their fragile, developing love survive?  And who was actually the recipient of the trust fund?  Brennen and Jaxcy know that they must solve their adventure in order to survive.  Learning to pray as intercessors is how God is leading and teaching them through it all.


Brody:  Encouraged to Seek


When Brody Corcoran is abducted and then abandoned in the country with the beautiful Ker Deeks, he little expects the mystery surrounding her family to draw him in so deep.  When Ker’s father and brother disappear, she turns to Brody and his friends at the Barnabas Foundation for help in finding them.

Feeling that the only way to keep the woman he loves safe, Brody offers his hand in marriage to her.  This only compounds the mystery surrounding them.  Finding that Ker’s mother is involved with the abductors of children and teens saddens them both but makes them more determined to solve the mystery and bring to justice those who are responsible.

Little do they expect to find themselves off on an adventure filled with abductions, attempted murder and death.  Only God can protect them and led the couple and his friends at the Barnabas Foundation to the answer that they are seeking.

Brody cover hardcover.jpg

Buckley:  Encouraged to Pray


When Buckley Cullen, beloved minister at the Barnabas Foundation, steps in to protect the beautiful Locklin Dinneen, neither one ever imagine the journey that they are embarking on.  When Locklin suffers amnesia after a motor vehicle accident, Buckley feels that the only way he can protect the lady he has fallen in love with is to offer her marriage.

Assaulted and then abducted, Buckley is found in a drug house.  At the same time, Locklin has been injured in a hit and run that leaves her in critical condition.  His friends at the Barnabas Foundation struggle to make sense of the mystery surrounding Locklin, with numerous curves and dead ends in their investigation.  Locklin had lost her mother in childbirth and her father to an assassination, but did she really lose her father?  That becomes one trail that the men must find the end to.

Through it all, Buckley and Locklin discover their love for one another growing, but more importantly, they discover the power of prayer and how God would want them to approach Him.

Burnie:  Encouraged to Teach


After Burnie Cummings is injured in an explosion, he and his friends find the beautiful Muir Donachie on board their plane as a stowaway.  Held captive by the storeowner, beaten, and forced to work for no pay, Muir is desperate to flee her home village and reunite with her beloved Granny.

Unaware that they have been followed, Muir is given a place to live in the Barnabas Foundation building and finds the friends that she had been seeking.  Danger follows Burnie and Muir as the storeowner is out for revenge.  Off on an adventure similar to that of his friends, Burnie is determined to protect the lady that he has fallen in love with.

Muir was left an orphan after her parents were killed in a plane crash.  Or was she?  The intrigue involving her spans two continents and draws in Burnie’s friends from another town.

Who will succeed in surviving?  What was really going on in Muir’s village?  And does she learn to trust God once more, leaning on Burnie to teach her how?

Burnie (2).jpg

Breck:  Encouraged to Love


When Breck Curran is run down by an ATV, he little expects that the lady he tries to protect will become a large part of his life.  The beautiful red-haired Neasa Deakin finds that she needs protection from an unknown stalker and turns to Breck instead of her family.

Driven to find out who is stalking the lady he is quickly learning to love, despite kidnappings and attempts on their lives, Breck turns to his friends at the Barnabas Foundation and their ladies to once more solve the mystery.

Twists and turns and unexpected news try Neasa’s faith in God and her love for Breck.  The complications of step parents and natural grandparents complicate it even more.  When she is mentally incompetent in order for a family member to regain control of her, Breck and his friends step in.

Who will survive?  And will their love stand the test of the trials?  Learning to love one another and learning to love God in a new way is just part of their journey, a journey neither one expected to find themselves on.

Name, Title

Above the Clouds

Barnabas:  Encouraged to Live


When Barnabas Carey heads on a mission to find the lady that he had loved in university, kept in touch with and then lost track of, little does he suspect that he will find that the beautiful Aubrey Dorsett would have been kept captive by a so-called guardian for ten years.  Rescuing her and then marrying her, they set off on an adventure that will test their love for one another and their love for God.

Twists and turns send the two fleeing across Ontario before heading for the Barnabas Foundation.  Even there, neither are safe.  Injured in an attempted abduction, Aubrey struggles to heal.  Beaten and left in the elements, Barnabas battles hypothermia.

The answer as to who is really after them stuns them and their friends, drawing in Barnabas’ father and mother.  Will they solve the mystery and survive?

Their love for one another grows stronger.  With Barnabas’ help, Aubrey learns to live in freedom once more.  And they both realize that they have come to trust God in a whole new way.

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