The Barnabas Chronicles

Baird:  Encouraged to Trust

Book 1

When Berneen Dakin agrees to marry Baird Cassidy to save his life, she becomes involved a fight to save not only his life but her own and that of her beloved younger brother, Darby.  Clues to their adventure lay in their past.  Who is after them and why?  Berneen and Baird must learn to trust one another, trust his fellow team mates from The Barnabas Foundation, but more importantly, learn to trust God in ways they never have had to.  Finding the ones after them is difficult, but bringing the men and women to justice for crimes in the past is even more difficult, and tests their growing love for one another.  Will they survive?

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Benen: Encouraged to Protect

Book 2

When asked to fly to a Latin American country, Benen Carroll doesn't hesitate.  When asked to marry his longtime friend, Cadee Daniell, to help her escape the country, Benen doesn't hesitate.  What the young couple doesn't know is that there are forces gathering around them to defeat them, destroy them and damage their reputations.  Poisoned on the way out of the country Cadee almost meets death but survives.  Surprises and struggles clash with their determination to resolve the mystery while clinging tight to God's promises to protect them.





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