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Mistletoe Treasures

Christian Suspense

Mischief and Mayhem in Mistletoe.jpg

Mischief and Mayhem in Mistletoe

Jacob Whitson was handed his Grandfather’s journal at the gravesite, along with a letter addressed in his Grandfather’s hand, directly him back to the town of Mistletoe, specifically to arrive the first weekend of December during the start of the Christmas Festivities.  Jacob arrives to find the owner of a antiquities store, Finola Bronagh, under attack and rushes in to help.  He soon realizes that Finn, as she is known as, has the key to unlocking the secrets in the journal, secrets someone will go to any length to prevent coming into the open.  To honour his Grand’s memory, Jacob digs deep, pulling Finn into the adventure, not realizing the danger he puts them both in.  They both come to realize just how deep their faith has to been when it is shaken by words and events.  Jacob finds not only the treasure his grandfather had for him but a treasure in someone to love.

Mistrust and Medicine in Mistletoe

Arriving in Mistletoe to find he is a descendant of one of the town’s founding fathers, Levi Blackwell searches for a place to fit in.  On the run from an abusive stepfather who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get her share of the town property, Julia Bronagh comes under Blackie’s protection.  Keeping her safe means putting his own life on the line.  Falling in love with her was not what he thought would happen, but God had other plans.  Staying barely one step ahead of their pursuers, Blackie and his Jewel come to realize just how much God cares for them and how much they care each other.

Mistrust and Medicine in Mistletoe.jpg
Misfortune and Mystery in Mistletoe.jpg

Misfortune and Mystery in Mistletoe

Abducted as a young child and transported across the country, Leah Bronagh has always felt the missing part of her life.  Drawn to Mistletoe on the advice of a friend, she encounters danger before she even arrives in town.  Joshua Smithson steps in to help Leah after she seeks refuge in his restaurant, falling in love with her and marrying her in an attempt to help her survive.  Deeply in love with one another, the couple are faced with constant harassment and assaults by an unknown assailant.  Standing true in God’s strength, they meet their assailant and danger head on, resolving a mystery that had plagued Mistletoe for over a year.

Misadventure and Murder in Mistletoe

Abandoned as a newborn, Eavan Walker has made a life for herself and her beloved Gran, being a photographer.  Unknown to her, she snapped a photograph of a murder while still a teenager.  She was drawn to Mistletoe on a suggestion and made a home for her studio there, not realizing she was related to one of the town founders.  Simon Gardner, detective with the county police force, is drawn into Eavan’s life when he tackles her and saves her life.  Encounters and adventures lead the two to fall in love and marry, not realizing that someone was after them and only wanted one thing - both of them dead.  In discovering who that was solves the mysteries of why Simon’s three friends were brought to Mistletoe. Even when faced with life and death, Simon and his beloved Eavan don’t waver in their trust in God.

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