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The Dreamer

When burnt-out, former undercover officer, Evan Brant, steps in to prevent the abduction of the beautiful Flannery MacTavish, little did he realize that he had stepped into the years-long flight that she had been on.  On the run from a drug lord who had stalked and threatened her, Flannery is desperate to escape.  Her dreams have vanished, whereas Evan are still waiting to be fulfilled.


Assaulted and left for dead, the couple are rescued by Evan’s neighbours only to have Flannery and the couple’s daughter, Lydia, abducted and hidden.  Events reveal just how entwined the three younger people are in their search to bring the culprits to justice.


Evan and Flannery learn to trust God in a new and deeper way as they journey through their adventure, falling in love along the way.  Who will win?  And just who is the new player in the mix?


His Dreamseeker
Christian suspense and romance

The Seeker

When on-duty police officer, Taggart Rafferty, is kidnapped and then forced to marry the beautiful Ayron Avery or see her killed, he resists until the beating he endures almost kills him.  Together, Tag and Ayron fight to discover just who it is behind their difficulties and struggles.


Moving to Ayron’s hometown, knowing that he will never return to his own, Tag is determined to find the ones behind the kidnapping and bring them to justice.  Little do they know just how close to Ayron that person is or just how desperate the culprits are to destroy Ayron and take possession of property that she never understood she had.


Kidnappings, beatings, bombs, and betrayal fill their days, but one thing remains steadfast.  They seek God’s leading and peace in it all, falling in love with one another along the way, both determined to bring the perpetrators to justice without losing one another.

The Hunter

When undercover officer Shay Gillmore is found, injured and unconscious in the woods, Breckon Steele and her brother, Brody, rescue him. Shay and Breckon are both drawn into the hunt for the assailant, finding that somehow they are connected, only they have no idea how or why. Falling in love, they decide that time is too precious and marry.


When Breckon is left unable to see due to an assault following a motor vehicle accident and Shay unconscious, their families and friends step in to aid in the discovery of who is actually after them and the mystery surrounding that. When they discover who and why, they are shocked and saddened at the depravity of the individual.


Their faith in God is strengthened through their trials and tribulations, all the more so when God becomes the only one that they feel they can trust or believe in.


Do they survive or will the culmination of the mystery mean their death? God alone has the answers as both Breckon and Shay hunt for those very answers and the ones after them.

The Avenger

When police officer Dougal Hunter comes to the aid of the beautiful McKala O’Shea and her two young wards, little does he expect the danger that she has been facing to engulf him as well.  McKala was on the run, hiding as she thought for the man who was pursuing her, just why, she didn’t or couldn’t say.  When Dougal is shot and then faces a life-threatening blood clot, McKala disappears from their home.  They had married, thinking it was the only way to keep her safe.


Just who is after them?  That questions leads them on a circuitous route of discovery and danger, leading to assaults, abductions, and arson.  Dougal is determined to be McKala’s avenger, both coming to the realization that it had to be God who was that and that vengeances was His and His alone.

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