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The Storm

Franklin (Frankie) Brennan is a beat-up street cop, tired and ready to quit.  His boss and good friend, Chief Caleb Logan, instead suggests he help at the local youth centre.  There he meets Deirdre Johnson McNabb, niece of fellow officer Ben Johnson.  Finding herself in the middle of search for information by men brought in from overseas, it is up to Frankie to help keep her one step ahead of them and alive.
While all this is going on, Deirdre challenges Frankie to find his way back to the peace and calm he can only find through trusting God.  Her words to him are that if Christ calmed the Sea of Galilee, there is not a storm in his life Christ can't calm

The Anchor

Rachel Andrews has returned to her home town after fleeing years earlier, afraid for her life. Targeted by an unknown assailant, she is reluctant to accept help. Timothy Johnson, an old friend, refuses to let her push away, determined to help find the ones responsible. Through the trouble that follows her, Rachel learns she does have an anchor for her life as she is drawn back to her faith in God.

The Haven

Rebecca Brogan has had a stalker for years, one she fears was responsible for her husband's death. Gideon Andrews has returned to Riverville to be near his sister and to put to rest the remnants of his life as a foster child. Together they are on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of the stalkers and stay alive. Through it all, Rebecca comes to her haven of rest in God.

Haven of Rest

Christian Suspense

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