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His Protectors


When Timothy Steele is assaulted before coming to the rescue of the beautiful Tate Talbot, he is unaware that his training as a security team member will be tested as will his faith and trust in his Heavenly Father.  Tate has been on the run for years, expelled from her home by her parents.  When she is kidnapped and then forced to watch Timothy’s beating, she becomes desperate to find out the truth of her flight and just how Timothy is involved.

With the help of Timothy’s team members, his friends on the Elmton police force, and other friends, the couple begin to unravel the mystery surrounding the events.  Taken in by Timothy’s neighbour, Tate realizes that she does have worth and that she is loved and protected by many.  Her faith in God is strengthened as she understands His protection for her over the years.

Who will be the victor in their mystery. Them?  The ones after them?  Or will God be the victor in all of their lives?


When Sorley McTavish and the beautiful Silver Sloane are abducted in a reforested quarry near their town, neither expects to survive.  Freed from captivity by friends, Silver and Sorley are determined to find the ones responsible.

They just didn’t expect to face the dangers and injuries that were inflicted on them.  Falling in love, they decide to marry, wanting to spend what time they are given together, fearing that either one of them could perish.

Silver’s security team mates step up to help solve the mystery as do their friends on the local police force.  Finally working through the clues and mystery to arrest the leader, they are all surprised to some extent to find once more it is someone well known in the business community.

Their faith is tested as is their trust.  Nevertheless, they strode forward, hand in hand, confident in their God and that He would protect them and provide deliverance.

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When Stephen Cavendish is injured in a deliberate accident while dirt biking, the beautiful Shanli Cameron comes to his rescue.  Injured as she is attacked by Stephen’s assailant, neither one of them understand just why or by whom.

Friends of longstanding who had drifted apart over the years, Stephen and Shanli join forces to determine who it was that assaulted them not once but many times.  Stephen’s friends on the security team that he works for as well as their families add their resources to tracked down the culprits.

None of them expected the person ultimately proved to be responsible or the why.  Stephen and Shanli face him down, their faith in God tested and tried but holding firmer than ever.  Their teenage crushes on each other turn into grown-up love as they fight to save their lives and each other.


When Nollan Nesbitt comes to the aid of Naomi Nasmith, neither realized how entwined their lives were in their past.  Desperate to help protect the beautiful lady that had captivated his heart, Nollan is not afraid to put his life on the line for her.

As a member of a security team, Naomi knows how to protect herself and Nollan.  Together with her team members and their families, Naomi and Nollan fight to save one another from injury and bring the culprits to justice.  The twists in the adventure test their friendship with one another and their families and try their faith in their Heavenly Father.

Their faith and trust in God shines through in their adventure, drawing closer to one another and closer to God.


When Richard Ransome is injured in an accident, the beautiful Raleigh Reade comes to his assistance.  Forced to marry to keep Raleigh alive, the couple find themselves off on an adventure that tries their faith and their growing love for one another.

Richard’s security team and their families and friends are drawn into the investigation, attempting to find the culprits and bring them to justice before either Richard or Raleigh are severely injured or dead.

Richard and Raleigh fight through to survive, drawing closer to one another as their lives become more entwined.  They recognize the power of God in their lives and His protection over them.

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