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Echoes of His Mercies

Taken captive twice within twenty-four hours, Eineen McDermott is held by a renegade hunters’ group to be used as a target of revenge and blackmail against her father. The only thing is, a tumble down a cliff has taken her memory. Forestry worker Grady Michaels happened upon Eineen just before her captivity and is held as well. Freed by one of the group members, Grady flees with Eineen to a nearby town, where the couple decides the only way keep her safe is to marry, falling in love along the way.


The group is determined to recapture Eineen, not caring if Grady survives or not. Only this time, the plan is for Eineen to be kept in the group to be used as revenge in a new way.


The plots and plans of man are strong against them, and they despair of surviving. Only the promises of God’s mercies, compassion, and faithfulness keep them true to the course of bringing down the group and freeing themselves and their families from the danger they face.

Old Books

Echoes of His Mercies - now available as ebook and paperback preorders.  Publication date:  August 31, 2021.

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