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Where characters walk back and

forth between towns and lives

Friends Yet To Meet

Christian suspense       

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Trust on the Precipice

A devastating tornado destroys portion of a family run camp, Haven Camps, two months before it’s scheduled to open for the season.  When clearing debris from two of the cabin sites, human remains are found.  Who or why is unknown as no one in the area has been reported missing in the last fifteen years.  Corin O’Rourke is a home restorer/renovator moved to town and just starting up business.  His college friend, Nigel Lawson, is one of the owners of the camp, along with his sister, Caralee, and their parents.   Assaults, more murders and missing persons follow in their wake as they search for answers all the while restoring the camp in time to open up.  Corin had not thought to find love on a job site but he did with Caralee.  She’s hesitant to love, after being jilted years earlier.


His Sanctuary

Arriving in the town of Sanctuary, Nigel Wells is too sick to realize the trap set for him.  An outsider, Havan O’Leary, steps in to save him.  Waking from his illness to find himself married to Havan, Nigel is shocked to realize the mayor of Sanctuary is deep into crime, and desperate to trap any unsuspecting single male into marriage with one of his daughters.  Nigel and Havan join forces together with her father, Jackson, and Nigel’s family to bring to justice the mayor and the man he is in debt to and reunite families torn apart by the laws enacted in Sanctuary.  Both Nigel and Havan find their true sanctuary, not on earth, but in trusting God and relying on His promises.

The Dollhouse Mystery

Carrigan Booth is on the run from bank robbers who think she can identify them.  Called into investigate a break-in at Cameron Steele’s woodworking shop, Carrigan becomes involves in a mystery involving a stolen dollhouse and tiny dollhouse furnishings mailed to her.  Both Carrigan and Cameron struggle to unearth the culprits and solve the mystery before they become victims.  Staying true to their faith is key to their survival.  Falling in love with one another is a bonus.  Abductions, assaults and unanswered questions drive their investigation.

The Mill

Chased away from her home at sixteen, Naomi Sterling learned to trust no one but herself to succeed. Finishing college by sheer determination, she was chased from town to town by someone in the darkness of her past. Finding the town of Hope, she trusted it would be her last move. Abducted, assaulted, and assisted by the uncle of one of her young Bible class girls, she has to learn to trust not only God but Jonah Larson. Digging into her past, they discover who the real culprit is but will it be too late for her to learn what true love and trust in a human being is? When the culprit turns out not to be who she suspected, can she seek justice in order to find peace and a future with Jonah?

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The Secret of the Garden

Faith Webster inherits her grandmother’s worn-out house and moves to the country, much against her own wishes and plans, to refurbish it, with plans to sell it and move back to her beloved town. Attacked on her very first night in residence, she turns to Seth Logan, a nearby neighbour, for help and protection. She vaguely remembers a statue or fountain in the centre of her grandmother’s garden, now missing, that holds the key to a secret found in the garden. Little does she realize the ends that certain men will go to in their search for that secret treasure. Sent on a scavenger hunt by her Grandmother, Faith and Seth come to depend on each other and on John 17, verses she has always loved, where Christ prays for those who would believe on him. Falling in love with Seth and he with her was not part of her plans, and leads her to make decisions she would not normally have made. She needs to decide where her treasure is and with who.


Dallas Called to Return. Synopsis


When Dallas Chisholm steps in to assist the beautiful and talented Deri Curran, he little expects that they both will face life and death.  Deri has fled home from London, England, terrified by an unknown culprit.  She finds Dallas coming to her assistance, without a thought for his own life.


Kidnappings, threats of death, bombs, and a look-a-like to Deri confound them and drive the investigation into who it is.  Neither realize that they are being drawn into a long ago arson and murder.  Dallas, a burnt-out detective on leave from his force, struggles to understand all the while struggling to return to his first love, that of his Heavenly Father.


Join Dallas and Deri as they find true love with one another despite the danger that they face and join them as they return to a fuller, deeper love for their Heavenly Father.

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Above the Clouds


When Sue Walters, detective with the Riverville Police Department, is reunited with an old college friend, Graeme McDiarmid, she has no idea the "adventure" that meeting will generate. Called to Riverville to help renovate a heritage home as a painter, Graeme doesn't realize the danger he brings to Sue. Kidnapped by their joint enemy, Sue is held captive as Graeme is released, released to find the ill-gotten treasure the man is certain has been hidden in the heritage home. Graeme joins forces with Sue's friends and her fellow officers to find and free her, while bringing their assailant to justice.

Name, Title

The Chain of Life synopsis


When Saoirse Gallagher and her brother, Connell, walk into a remote jungle prison to rescue Rowan Sullivan, little does she realize how entwined their lives will become.  Giving up after months of imprisonment, Rowan struggles to return to his new normal of life.  Hunted by the madman who had imprisoned Rowan, the couple begin to realize that neither one are safe and they have no idea what it is that the madman wants.  Abducted and forced to work on the man's farm, the couple struggles to survive and escape.  Little do they realize that revenge is the motive and it ties back to their fathers, childhood friends who had lost contact for the most part.  Where is God, they ask, and will He keep them safe until the police are able to solve the mystery they are part of?


Flying High for the King

The story of Andy and

his lady, Oshea.

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