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His Guardians

Christian Suspense

His Healing 

This is the story of Matt Cahill and Sarah Devlin, who each have to learn to forgive what happened in their pasts and move on in order to heal.  Sarah has been targeted by someone out for revenge against her father.  Matt has been targeted for revenge from someone in his past, who cannot forgive Matt for what he has perceived to have lost.  Abe and Matt's team members as well as the local police department lead by Chief Caleb Logan have the challenge to keep two strong willed people alive and to solve the puzzles before revenge is exacted in a devastating way.

His Mercy

Nathaniel Graeme is part of the elite Rebel’s Security Team. Brought in to pose as the boyfriend of concert pianist and lyricist, Elizabeth Steel, Nathaniel steps into more than he bargained for. Stalked and threatened for years, Elizabeth has given up her concert career but is still followed back to her home town. Nathanial and Elizabeth must stay ahead of the threats and violence to bring the ones responsible to justice, all the while trying to understand and apply God’s mercy to them.

His Peace

Adriel Sullivan is the director of a local woman's shelter who is ousted by a member of the shelter board. Attempts begin on her life by an unknown assailant, including a poisoning that leaves her sick and bombings at her home. Murphy O'Brien, one of Rebel's Elite Security Team, introduced to her by a mutual friend, recognizes her danger and tries desperately to help, only to find his own life in danger through kidnapping. Trace the trails and tangles of their adventure as they race to find the assailants who are after them. Watch as God reminds them to have true peace, they need to find Him, and that He alone know the plans and purposes He has for their lives.

His Security.jpg

His Security

Confronted constantly by a harasser from her teen years, Leah MacGowan would just love it to go away. Walking in on one of the confrontations, Joseph Broderick whisks Leah away to safety. But when she has to be pulled from her work as first a tow truck driver, then a delivery van driver, for her father's business, it is apparent that something is afoot much worse than just harassment. Leah and Joseph's friends in the police department and with the security company that employs Joseph work non-stop to discover the true cause and culprit. Is it someone after the government contracts, the man harassing Leah, or something much more sinister? Through it all, Leah and Joseph's faith in the security and protection God provides is strengthened.

His Trust.jpg

His Trust

Abigail Gilmore has been on the run for years until finally settling into Riverville.  She becomes the target of men after a shipment of hidden armaments that they are sure she knows the location of.  Unknown to her, her childhood best friend, Luke Cavanagh, has become a member of Rebel's Elite Security.  He becomes part of her security team.  Injured in a deliberate truck accident and then abducted, Abigail has to rely on Luke and his team members as well as the Riverville police department to solve the mystery and save her life.

His Truth.jpg

His Truth

Kataleen Evans teaches family tree making and how it applies to crime, while serving as a family tree researcher for both private citizens and law enforcement. A criminal element is after a secret program she has developed that allows police forces to track and find criminals using that very  premise.  Micah O'Connor, computer expert for Rebel's Elite Security, met and fell in love with Kat after an attempt on her life.  Determined to protect the woman he married at all costs, Micah is faced with her abduction and near death.  Clues and remembered memories lead them, Micah's team mates and the Riverville police department to the culprits just in time.

His Justice.jpg

His Justice

Ian Galbraith, a member of Rebel's Elite Security, has been tracked down and become the target of friends from his teenage years, out for revenge. Lydia Carmichael, team leader for a local mission, becomes a target as well just because of her association with Ian. Trying to stay safe and one step ahead of the men after Ian leads them through danger and life threatening situations. It is God who avenges, they learn as they walk the path before them.

His Protection.jpg

His Protection

Abe Finlay, owner of Rebel’s Elite Security, had given his heart and a wedding ring to his college sweetheart. Brutally torn apart from her husband, Emma Donovan has lived for ten years with the knowledge that Abe was killed in a motor vehicle accident, Abe believing that Emma wanted nothing to do with him. Reunited unexpectedly in Abe’s home town, Abe and Emma are determined to bring the man to justice and save their love that had never died. The man, once married to Emma’s aunt, has become known as the black widower. Emma, as Tracker, leads the fight to find him, along with Abe, his team members and the Riverville Police Department, all the while knowing God has His protection surrounding them.

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