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Collection of Friends

Collection of  Christian Suspense and Romance Series in a Single Volume

Under His Wings Trilogy

Three siblings danger, disaster and death while learning to trust God in a whole new, and finding lasting love along the way.

Join the adventures of Laycee and Josh in The Sparrow, Leith and Regan in The Hawk, and Liam and Ashling in The Eagle.

Haven of Rest Trilogy

Three friends find their lives threatened and death and danger surrounding them as they seek to find the culprits responsible for their "adventures".  They each find their life and soul mates while drawing closer to their Heavenly Father.

Join Deidre and Frankie in The Storm, Deidre's cousin Timothy and Rachel in The Anchor, and Rachel's brother Gideon and Rebecca in The Haven.

His Guardians

The story of Rebel's Elite Security team of eight men and the women they are asked to protect. Each team member faces life and death struggles during their assignment, falling in love with the lady they're each protecting. Sinister undertones in their "adventures" point to someone not only after each couple, but after their team leader.

Join Matt and Sarah in His Healing, Nathaniel and Elizabeth in His Mercy, Murphy and Adriel in His Peace, Ian and Lydia in His Justice, Joseph and Leah in His Security, Luke and Abigail in His Trust, Micah and Kataleen in His Truth, and finally Abe Finlay and Emma Donovan in His Protection. Each adventure is targeted at the team member's position on the team. Even struggling to survive, their faith in God is strengthened and enhance.

Men of Riverville

Facing threats and abundant danger, police officer Doug and Paramedic Dave follow their instincts and their hearts in determining the assailants after them, finding love along the way in their adventures.

Join Doug and his Darcy in The Heart of a Lion and Dave and his Rylee in A Touch of His Garment, as they discover true love and renew and strengthen their faith in God.

Elmton Heroes

Elmton police chief, police detective and minister all face danger, abductions and injury as they struggle to find who is after either themselves or the ladies they have come to love.  Their faith is tested in ways they never expected.

Join Andrew and Phoebe in The Potter's Hands, Bill and Cora in Hidden in the Hollow, and Silas and Madigan in Strong Courage.

His Warriors

A group of eight men settling into the town of Elmton. Each finding a lady in distress, coming to her aid, finding danger, abductions, assaults and murder on the agenda. Will they survive or perish? God is in control, and each must learn to trust Him more fully, willing working to solve their mystery. There is also the mystery running through the adventures of a group from town approaching each couple and asking for help. Solving their mysteries solves the mystery of who this is.

Join Josiah and Faith in Broken Glass, Mark and Julia in Shattered Dreams, Zeke and Page in Slivers of Peace, Matthias and Larkin in Crushed Hope, Samuel and Aideen in Shards of Faith, Jonah and Candace in Fragmented Love, Adam and Catriona in Splintered Promises, and Noah and Rowan in Fractured Hearts.

Mistletoe Treasures

Four friends are sent to the town of Mistletoe, where they reunite.  Fighting to survive danger and disaster, they work to the solve the mystery of the town, finding they are part of the original five founding families.  Finding love along the way is a bonus wth their ladies connected to one another in a way they didn't forsee.  Their faith in God is strengthened as they search for answers.

Join Jacob and his Fin in Mischief and Mayhem in Mistletoe, Blackie and Julia in Mistrust and Medicine in Mistletoe, Jonah and Leah in Misfortune and Mystery in Mistletoe, and Simon and Eavan in Misadventure and Murder in Mistletoe.

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