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Children of His Promise

Christian suspense with a romanitic twist

The Pilgrim

Appearing on Holly Gardiner’s front porch, battered and beaten Lincoln Carmichael cannot remember anything but his name when told, not even why it is so important he keep Holly safe and alive.  Falling in love and marrying despite this, Holly faces abductions, Lincoln beatings and both of them the challenge of determining who it is that is after both of them, how their lives connected and staying one step ahead of the culprit.  The resolution of Holly’s father disappearance when she was young is just part and parcel of the danger and mystery they face.

The Pioneer

Abducted, terrorized, and left for dead, Aveleen Dennis is rescued by Logan Carmichael, who places his own life in danger to protect her.  Aveleen struggles to understand who was behind her abduction, knowing it had to be someone who knew her, and to bring to justice the ones who had placed her in danger.  Logan is the only one who can calm her from the terrors that shake her world on a daily basis.  On the run from threats on their lives, they head for a nearby town, sent to the minister there by Aveleen’s friend, the Riverville pastor.  Falling in love, Logan and Aveleen marry, only to have Aveleen abducted from their wedding.  Logan and Avery, her younger brother, set out to search for her, and when Logan takes a bullet to save Avery’s life, he ends up a cripple.  Rescued by her friend’s security team, Aveleen struggles to understand why God has allowed the events to transpire in their lives.  Even knowing that God has her in His hands, her faith in Him is tested.  Her modern-day pioneer steps in to save his bride, stunning everyone with his recovery.  Bringing resolution to their adventure opens up a world they hadn’t seen coming and no one but Aveleen knew for sure who the culprits were.  Their faith strengthened, they are determined to move forward, hand in hand, their eyes on God.

The Princess

Provided with a manuscript to authenticate, abducted and held captive in a primitive jail, Tierney Brown is rescued by Larkin Carmichael and her two cousins.  Larkin is drawn into the mystery of the manuscript along with Tierney, neither knowing why it’s so important or who is really after him.  Their adventure leads to danger and an abduction of both Tierney and Larkin, with the resolution of the mystery not what they had expected.  Both learn to trust one another and to trust God in a new way.

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