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The Peacemaker

When plains cloth officer Flynn “Storm” Brophy steps in to help Teagan Connell, little does he expect to go on the run to keep her alive.  When her boss and fellow employers are murdered and an abduction attempt is made on her, Teagan is at a loss to explain just why that happened.


Storm tries desperately to hide Teagan and keep her alive, despite attempts on their lives and abduction as well.  When Teagan is taken by an old nemesis, Storm is critically injured and Teagan blames herself.  Storm’s friends from the streets, those people whose lives he impacted when he was undercover on the streets himself, step in to work with him and the authorities to find both of them at different times, saving their lives.


Teagan and Storm marry, deeply in love with one another, even though they are still at risk.  God has been leading them to find His peace, the peace that only He can give, in the midst of their storms.


Join Storm and his lady love on their adventure as they seek to bring to justice those threatening them, but more importantly, to find God’s peace for their lives.


His Searchers
Christian suspense and Romance

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The Pathfinder

When Conor “Brownie” Fitzsimmons comes to the rescue of the beautiful Keegan Taylor, he never expects that they will be kidnapped and held captive for a month. Forced to help harvest black walnut lumber for the black market, Brownie is drawn in to the race to find a way out of their circumstances.  Escaping from their captors, Brownie and Keegan are drawn into an adventure that neither wanted but neither could escape.  As a police officer, Brownie knew only too well what they faced.

With their captives upping their game to recapture them, Brownie turns to his friends for help.  Tracking down Keegan’s parents adds a new slant to the game that no one ever saw coming.

Falling in love, married, and fearful for each other, Brownie and Keegan find their trust in God tested but strengthened.  Walking a path that he would not have chosen, Brownie is determined to protect his love and bring to justice those who were after them.

The Preacher

When Rogan Fitzgerald comes to the rescue of a beautiful lady, Tate Benner, he little expects the violence to happen so quickly and with almost devastating consequences.  As the minister to a local shelter and mission church, Rogan is used to dealing with events and consequences.  Only he never thought that these would find him or endanger his life and that of Tate.


Drawn into her life, desperate to protect the lady who he is learning to love, Rogan offers his name and home to Tate, who accepts.  Tate has been on the run for years, her only living relative, her mother, not contacting her at all.  Feeling orphaned, Tate accepts Rogan’s offer, but is fearful of what awaits. Facing their enemies in a last-ditch effort to be free frightens them both, the enemies coming from their own circle and from without it as well.


Drawing their friends into their “adventure”, Rogan and Tate struggle to make sense of the danger they face.  The only thing that they are confident of is that God is with them, every step of what they face, drawing them into a deeper walk with Him.  Facing their enemies in a last-ditch effort to be free frightens them both, the enemies coming from their own circle and from without it as well.

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The Prodigal

When Aubrey Dennis finds the beautiful Finlee Maguire on his isolated island on a northern lake, he is uncertain as to how she arrived there or why.  Returning to his hometown of Riverville with Finlee, Aubrey enlists the assistance of his friends on the police force and a security team to determine just what the connection is between the couple.  Not sure that his work as a botanist plays into their adventure, Aubrey and Finlee search their own history and that of their parents to determine just who is after them and why.


Cover ups, abductions, and physical danger and assaults trouble them as they race to find the ones responsible before one of them dies.  Coming to understand that they both are feeling like prodigals, their adventure drives them to return to a closer walk with their Heavenly Father.

The Pauper

When Avery Dennis meets the beautiful Kitlin MacTavish at the radio station where he works, little does he expect to find his life so entwined with hers.  Kidnapped and held captive for some unknown reason, Avery and Kitlin struggled to understand why and who had done this to them.

The couple strive to keep their faith in God alive even as they hunt for the one responsible.  Not understanding who it is makes the assaults and subsequent abduction of Avery almost impossible to accept.

With the help of their friends and families, Avery and Kitlin are in a race to find the man haunting their steps and bring him to justice.  Their faith in God is tested, but like a pauper offered a lifesaving option, they come through stronger and braver in that very faith and having fallen in love with one another.

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