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Christian Romance and Suspense

The story of a single lady raising her four orphaned nieces, two sets of sisters.

Based on Matthew 25:1-13, the parable of the ten ladies with the lamps, five wise and five foolish.


When Brinn Whitman is abducted, her life become entwined with Gareth O’Connor.  Neither of them can determine which of them is actually the target or why.  Is it Gareth’s work as a plumber or Brinn’s as a pet-sitter?  Thrown into the mix in the tragic loss of Brinn’s parents and uncle and aunt which left Brinn, her sister, and two cousins orphans.

The couple struggles with the threat lodged at them as their friendship grows.  When Brinn disappears, her family is on a desperate search.  This is not helped when Gareth disappears.  Only Brinn is in the hands of her enemies while Gareth is in the hands of friends.

Join the two as they search for answers, striving to be the lit lamps for God that Brinn’s aunt has always challenged Brinn to be.  Who will be victorious?


When Ronan Rafferty and the beautiful Chani Whitman are kidnapped, their lives become entwined in a way that neither of them expected.  Strangers at first, they become fast friends, as they try to determine just they were kidnapped and who did it.

Their adventures continues with Ronan disappearing and almost dying from the trauma that he suffered and then it was Chani’s turn to have that happen to her.

A music box from her mother shows up, but no one has an answer for that.

Join Ronan and Chani as they race to find the culprits and bring them to justice before one of them dies.  Their family and friends join in the hunt, bringing in new friends and old.

All the while, Chani struggles to be the light for God that she needs to be, her faith and Ronan’s strengthened by their struggles.


When Flynn Carson and the beautiful Darbi Whitman are forced to marry, they are strangers thrust into an adventure that tests their strength as individuals and a couple.  It also tests their faith in God.


Not having any enemies that they are aware of, both Flynn and Darbi are at a loss to explain what they are facing what they do.  They don’t get all the photos, threats, and running for their lives that most couple in their situation do.  Life-threatening events do happen, driving them to reach out to their family and friends for help.  This draws in friends from afar who willing walk into danger to help them.


The resolution of their adventure is not what they expected nor is the culprit who had targeted them.  Only their faith in God and their trust in their friends aids in keeping them alive and bringing to justice those who had preyed on the less fortunate.


When Declan Sullivan came to the rescue of the beautiful Eilis Whitman, little did they know how entwined their lives would become.  Endangered, desperate to stay out of that very danger, the couple struggle to determine who was after them and had caused the initial accident that had harmed them


Declan finds himself falling in love with the lady who he is determined to protect at all costs, despite the beating that he suffers.  Eilis wants to keep her family safe while keeping Declan alive, falling in love with the knight her aunt had woven into her stories as a child.  Their opponents are just as determined to wreak havoc and death in their lives.

With their families and friends working to solve their adventure, Declan and Eilis prove that God is in control and strive to be the light in the world for God.


With her four nieces settled with their men, Ashlynn Whitman could finally relax and get on with her life.  Only someone seemed to have other ideas.  Kidnapped from her home and locked up with multi-millionaire philanthropist, Torin Callahan, Ashlynn began to track back through the years to when her brothers and their wives were murdered.


Ashlynn and Torin work to find the ones responsible for the danger that they were facing, tracing the family items that had been appearing back to her hometown and the culprit there.  Only, it didn’t work out to be who they assumed it was.


Their friends and family step into the investigation, drawing out the information from many years back, back to the founding of her hometown.  The race was on to find the real vindictive man or woman responsible and keep Ashlynn and Torin alive. Somehow, their lives were entwined more than just the kidnapping.


Their faith in God grows as they search for help from Him to keep safe and strong.  Their love for one another shines through as they find the soul-mate that God had prepared for each of them.  But would they survive to build a life together?

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