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Men of Riverville

Christian suspense

The Heart of a Lion

After an ETF squad are ambushed in a neighbouring town, then other services are targeted by an unknown assailant, a task force is formed to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrator. Lieutenant Doug Foster, ETF lead in Riverville, has met up with an old flame from college who has moved to his town to set up a shop showcasing local artisans. When Darcy O’Shaughnessy becomes a target because of her friendship with him, the race is on to find the assailants before anyone else is killed. Only, it's not just because of her friendship with him, but their ties in college to the assailants that increased their danger. Darcy's faith has been shaken by recent events and it is up to Doug to remind her of Who is in control.

A Touch of His Garment

Serving as a senior paramedic for his hometown of Riverville, armed forces medic and veteran Dave Allison is swept up in helping a lovely Irish lass, Rylee O’Shea, owner of the Irish Charm Bake Shop. Rylee’s father, unknown to his family, was part of a secret organization tracking stolen national treasures and smuggling in its many ugly forms. Threats against her life to turn over her father’s investigations and documents do not stop Dave and Rylee from falling in love and marrying, determined not to let anyone stand in their way, no matter the consequences they face. Throughout it all, they realize that they just need to reach for the hem of Christ’s garment for healing.

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