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His Warriors

Christian Suspense

Broken Glass

Josiah Silverthorn, a worn-out web designer searching for a small town to call home, stops to visit a friend’s cousin and uncle, walking in on an assault to them both.  Drawn in their fight against corruption in their small town, Josiah aids Faith Lockwood and her Uncle Seth in keeping one step or two ahead of the culprits.  Having given up on his faith years previous, Josiah denies that God will help, despite Faith’s and Seth’s declaration that God really does care.  Throughout their adventures and the danger they both face, they discover their love for one another and Josiah a renewed faith and trust in God.  When Josiah disappears and Faith finds out the real reason she is targeted, it becomes a race against time and evil to find Josiah and bring the culprits to justice.

Shattered Dreams

Mark Benson has been tasked with finding the discrepancy in a large financial portfolio.  Injured in an attempt on his life, he is assigned to the care of Julia Sawyer, physiotherapist.  Drawn into the attempts on Mark’s life, Julia and Mark search the financials of one of the town founders, looking for evidence to tie him to a notorious crime group.  Kidnapped after a car accident, Mark and Julia are separated, Mark left to die in an abandoned house.  Rescued by an undercover investigator just before she was to be taken from the country and on the run with Mark and the investigator, they stay just one step or two ahead of her kidnappers, racing against time and man to find the information that will put the group away for good.  Shattered by her experience while kidnapped, Julia has to learn to trust again.  Her faith in God is the only thing that gets her through the danger, that and Mark’s presence, both of them learning to trust God in a whole new and deeper way

Slivers of Peace

Ezekiel Williams, meteorologist, walks in on an assault in progress on cartographer Paige Matthews.  All he wanted was an answer to a question about one of her maps, but he is drawn in to help her, racing against time and weather to find the culprits responsible for burying canisters of chemicals in the forest near her hometown.  Assaults, kidnappings, and running for their lives draw them closer together.  Zeke is determined to help Paige find the peace with and of God she needs at this time.

Crushed Hope

Occupational Therapist Larkin MacTavish and Speech Language Pathologist Matthias Strong meet when they’re assigned to the same patient, only to find no patient at the address.  When attempts on their lives begin and Matthias disappears, Larkin works with her friends at the police department to delve into the mystery and determine who and what wants both Matthias and herself dead.  Is it related to the present patient or is it much deeper and more sinister, tied to events in the past?  A tangled web of deceit, fraud and murders is disclosed even as Matthias and Larkin are sent on the run with a security team to keep them alive.  Larkin has to learn to trust God in a whole new way, rediscovering her hope in Him and both Matthias and Larkin their love for one another.

Shards of Faith.jpg

Shards of Faith

Aideen O’Rourke has overhead a murder and runs for her life.  Sent to the town of Elmton by a contact, she is greeted by Samuel Harding.  Soon both of them are involved in the mystery of why someone wants to Aideen kidnapped for knowledge she doesn’t understand she has.  Kidnappings, assaults and attempted murder fill their lives as they and their friends as well as Samuel’s PI father struggle to determine who is behind it all and bring them to justice, all the while learning what it is to really trust in God.

Fragmented Love.jpg

Fragmented Love

A dead body in her work freezer.  A bloody knife in a filing cabinet at home.  Warning texts and letters.  Abductions.  Candace Owens had moved to Elmton to set up a service of providing meals to those who needed them.  Organic farmer Jonah Bronson had come to her aid when she was assaulted at the local farmer’s market.  As the warnings, assaults and kidnappings escalate, each is driven to protect the other, neither sure who is the actual target or why.  All they are sure of is their growing love for one another and the constant steadfast love of God in their lives.

splintered promises.jpg

Splintered Promises

Injured after an attack on his jobsite, carpenter Adam Cavanaugh is reunited with Catriona McGill, the lady who stole his heart in college and then disappeared.  Adam refuses to let her escape from him again even though she tries her best, knowing that her brother had vowed to kill Adam.  Assaults, kidnappings, stalkings - what more can these two go through on their journey back to one another.  Shootings, break-ins, and near death experiences drive them closer together even as the culprits become clearer and more devastating to Catriona.  Clinging to the hope and surety that God never fails to keep a promise, Adam and Catriona fight through to the end,  bringing to justice those after them both.

Fractured Hearts.jpg

Fractured Hearts

After being left for dead after an assault at the hands of an acquaintance, Rowan McInnis withdraws from her family and friends, determined to help women escape their abusive relationships.  Noah Lockwood, the love of young Rowan’s life, had become an ethical hacker, determined to make a difference in the world.  Reunited after a kidnapping overseas, Rowan and Noah struggle to regain their relationship and stay one step ahead of assaults, near-death experiences and abductions, while working with their local police department to bring their assailants to justice. 

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