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His Stormchasers

Christian Suspense

In The Eye of the Storm

Desperately trying to keep her family home, Leah Carlisle opens a bed and breakfast. Rory Stuart, running from his past, enters a long-term rental from her, seeking peace. A vicious series of natural storms threaten her plans, while thieves searching for long buried contraband threaten her life. Rory steps in to help, falling in love with her along the way. They both have to learn the lesson that God is in the centre of any storm and He is their only shelter.

On The Edge of The Storm

Aideen Fletcher is on the run from her brother, afraid for her life, not knowing when he will catch up with her. Reilly Stuart has been tasked to find her and bring her back to assist in an investigation into her brother’s illegal activities. When her brother and parents are killed, Aideen and Reilly go on the run, facing abductions, assaults, and attempted murder. Reilly takes the only step he could think of to keep his lady safe - offering his hand in marriage until she is in fact under no more danger. Their faith is tested along with way, growing stronger each day, as does the love they find for each other but are afraid to admit to.

Through The Fury of The Storm

Book 3

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When newlywed Regan Stuart Callahan disappears during a bomb threat at a local airport, her disappearance sets off a chain of events that leads to kidnappings, assaults and attempted murder.  Left barely able to talk after an assault, Regan and her husband, Delaney Callahan, enlist their families and friends to help them solve the mystery and bring the culprits to justice, culprits that no one saw coming.   Their faith in God is tested, but strengthened during the fury of the storm, and their love for one another grows stronger each day.

In The Midst of The Storm

Book 4

When he steps in the help the youngest sister of his friend, Shea Murdoch becomes involves in the trials that Ryanne Stuart is facing.  Haunted by the thoughts of a dinosaur, Ryanne struggles to understand who is after her and what it is they want from her.  Shadows from her past terrify her, driving her to turn away from her family in a desperate attempt to keep them safe and alive.  Shea gladly steps in to provide the protection and buffer she is seeking, losing his heart to the spirited lady in the process.  Both Ryanne and Shea need to depend on their God in a way neither have in the past.

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On The Other Side of The Storm

Book 5

When Sloane Everett and her brother, Shamus, find an injured Redmond Stuart on a hiking trail near Lake Erie, it sets the young couple off on an adventure that draws in both their families.  Haunted by an incident in her past, Sloane is desperate to be free of that, but unknown forces are threatening her and Redmond in ways they never expected.  Redmond in turn is haunted by an incident in the not too distant past involving his family’s business.  Falling in love, deciding life is too short to be apart, they marry, but still find danger no matter which way they turn.  Solving their own mystery solves a mystery that has haunted the Stuart family for years.  They find their faith in God tested at every turn, but they cling to the promises He has given, that in the storms of life, He is there, a refuge for those seeking him.

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