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After escaping when a bomb destroys a bookstore that they were in, Paul Abercrombie and Payten Adair join forces to determine which one of the couple that someone has targeted.  Paul’s security team members are drawn into the search.

Plunging deeper into danger and the investigation, Paul worries about the beautiful lady that has become part of his life.  With no clear answers, Paul and Payten struggle to make sense of the assaults and abductions that ensue.

Realizing that God has brought them together in His plan for their lives, Paul and Payten find themselves falling in love with one another.  Their search for the culprit is not the only search that they are on.  Their search for God’s leading in their lives leads them to delve deeper into His word and His defense of them.

His Defenders


When Thomas Brant and Taran Byrne are abducted in broad daylight from the parking lot of her workplace, neither expects the adventure that they are suddenly shoved into.  Desperate to protect the beautiful lady who is becoming more dear to him each day, Thomas calls in his security team and their friends to help solve the mystery of why and to end the adventure before one of them is killed.

Twists and turns and unexpected questions plague the pair, driving them towards one another and deeper into their faith in God.  Praying that He defends and protects them is their daily plea.

The resolution of the mystery is unexpected, draws in both of their fathers, and goes back to their grandfathers.  Neither one of the couple ever expected this.  Join Thomas and Taran and their family and friends as they race to solve the adventure and stay alive and well at the same time.

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Caleb and his lady, Cullea

When Caleb Campion finds the beautiful Cullea Cassidy injured and alone on the Bruce Trail, he can do nothing else but step in to help her.  What he had not counted on was their being abducted that day and then left in an out-of-the way cabin.

Working with the security team that he is part of, Caleb struggles to find out who was behind their abduction and the reason why.  As an audiologist, Cullea had had safe employment or so she had thought.

The answers are not easy to find as the man behind it all stays hidden.  Cullea and Caleb become desperate to find out who and why and end their adventure.  Their love grows over the weeks that they are searching for answers.

Through it all, they realize that God is their Defender and that He answers in His time.  Their faith is tested and tried but grows as they turn their hopes and dreams and worries over to Him.


When Joshua Jennings meets the beautiful Jincy Jordenn, he does not expect to be kidnapped within minutes of that meeting.  What started out as a simple meeting with a new bank advisor turned into a life and death race for the pair to find out who was after them.


When the couple are forced to marry with no explanation given, they turn to their friends and family to help them discover the reasons why.  Falling in love with one another but afraid to confess that love, they struggle to understand the path that they are walking.

With God as their Defender and Protector, Joshua and Jincy work through the twists and turns, not fulling understanding the why’s, until they face their attacker and bring him to justice.

Their love for one another and their love for God stands true for them.  Drawn into a closer walk with God, both are determined that they will be the hands and feet for Him in their town.


When Mark Monaghan is run down and injured at Mick’s Bikes, the owner, the beautiful and feisty McKala Murphy is troubled and afraid.  She has been receiving threats from someone who was determined to chase her from her dream of custom building and painting bicycles.

Mark will not walk away from her, no matter the danger that they face.  Together, they are determined to find the ones responsible and bring them to justice.  The security team that Mark is a member of joins forces with the couple as does McKala’s brother and other friends.

Through it all, the couple learn to trust God in a deeper and wider manner.  And their love for one another grows even though they are reluctant to speak of it.

Join Mark and McKala as they journey through their adventure, learning to love one another and learning to trust their God and Defender.


When Don Devlin meets Delanie Driscoll on a local hiking trail, neither expects the events to happen that would involve them far more deeply in one another’s life.  Kidnapped and then abandoned, Don is injured trying to protect Delanie.  A seven day trek back to civilization draws the couple in a decision that neither were ready to make.

Surprising their friends and family when they marry, Don and Devlin strive to make sense of the adventure that they are embarking on.  When Don’s home is destroyed by a bomb, they begin to realize just how desperate someone is to get to one of them.

With the help of Don’s family, their friends, and Don’s security team, their investigation reveals just how devious and dire is the reason for the assault and continued harassment of the couple.

Falling in love with one another, Don and Delanie are determined to protect one another.  Their love and trust for the Heavenly Father is what gets them through the danger that they face.

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