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Elmtown Heroes

Christian suspense

The Potter's Hand cover.jpg

The Potter's Hands

Andrew McBeth, Police Chief of Elmton, has been asked to rescue a woman from a gang.  Finding Phoebe Knight isn’t hard.  What is hard is trying to stay alive and find out who wants her dead.  Thinking the only way to keep her safe is to marry her, Andrew plunges headlong into marriage.  Running for their lives, chased by enemies they can’t identify, they rely on Andrew’s fellow officers and a security team to provide them safety.  Mute for the first few weeks until Andrew is hurt, Phoebe finds she was abducted as a child.  Into the mix are the parents who raised her, who are deep into money laundering, fraud, and drug manufacturing.  Andrew and Phoebe come to realize that they are clay in God’s hands and that, as the Master Pottery, He is molding them into His beautiful persons.

Hidden in the Hollow cover.jpg

Hidden in the Hollow

A young bride dead on a hiking trail.  A new groom dead on the church steps.  The widower and widow joined together to fight an unknown enemy.  Bill Buckley, Elmton police detective, had lost his bride of six months to someone unknown.  Cora Brodie lost her groom on her wedding day to an assailant.  Bill and Cora, friends in high school, separated for years, reunite to find the culprits and bring justice to their loved ones.  Assaults, stalkings, kidnappings and near death surround them as they and their friends attempt to solve the mystery before someone else dies.  They both come to realize God’s protection in the midst of adversity, and find a lasting love with one another.

Strong Courage

A body found in the Elmton Community Church brings Madigan Browne, daughter of a disaster restoration company owner, and Silas Peters, pastor of the church together almost against their wills. Assaults, kidnappings, danger to their friends brings them closer together. An incident in her past causes Madigan to shut down when she’s terrified. Silas is the only who can reach her. When her life becomes more endangered, Silas decides that to keep the lady who he has come to love deeply alive he must marry her. Threats to their friends and family are part and parcel of the escalating violence against the young couple. God provides the courage they both need to face their nemesis and overcome their danger.

Strong Courage.jpg
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